World Recording Tour / Don't Ask T-Shirt

The back of the DON'T ASK, band-only series was to commemorate the recording of Hysteria, close to its completion, noting the recording sessions in Dublin, Amsterdam, Paris, Dublin...

Joe fills in more of the story. "We wrote about 10 or 12 songs in Dublin between February and August '84. Then we moved to Holland in August of '84 and we stayed there until February. We left Ireland to go to Holland, we left Holland to go back to Ireland and I think in the summer of '85 we decided we wanted to get out of Ireland and we went to Paris for a while. But that didn't last more than about six weeks because it was just way too expensive. We watched Live Aid in Paris and Bastille Day in '85. In 1985 the Champs-Élysées was rocking. I mean it was the place to be. But we didn't get a lot of work done there. After the five, six weeks in Paris, all we ever did was just go Dublin, Amsterdam, Dublin, Amsterdam like tick tock, tick tock. That's why I ended up moving to Ireland. I couldn't speak Dutch (laughs). But I loved Ireland. I loved it so much I ended up moving there. Yeah. Dublin, Amsterdam, Dublin, Amsterdam, Dublin, ad infinitum until 1987."


World Recording Tour
Joe Elliott, Phil Collen, Rick Savage and Rick Allen take us on a whirlwind adventure about the recording of HYSTERIA. Hopping around Europe, studio to studio to finish the album.